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For those who collect information on the biography of my father, will be needed data about his character, lifestyle, about how he looked like: an expression of his face, clothes, gait, speech, was he pleased or indignant. Among the contemporaries of my father there were a few people who know how to write. So I had to involuntarily take up the pen. Although, to my notions, writing about the nature and habits of the father is not quite decent.
Before, I never wrote these things and also have never seen or read a book of memories. I want to take the father’s character as a whole and, gradually, pondering, open it as far as I can. Azamat, who will need my words, will find from the heap of bales and choose the right material and cut out what he wants.
I am the first-born of father from his younger wife. My father married a second time, probably because the first wife was for 2-3 years older than him and he thought that in old age she cannot take care of him. Secondly, probably because traditionally is considered to be: a wealthy person should have two wives.
I was born when father had already turned 32 years, when uncontrolled impulses of youthful fire left him and he became regarded as the elder brother in the circle of dzhigits. Ever since I can remember, my father was known as a man with an open face, a representative look, with a keen eye. He could get angry quickly and quickly become joyful. His soul was receptive. Talking with him was interesting. He loved to play games. His dastarkhan was always full. He never sat boring, uninteresting, and dull. He found a servant, a shepherd or the woman workers with any special features in the character or some trick and good-natured skit. Never could stay long with a society man, whom he didn’t trust. If you inadvertently found himself next to these people, these moments were for him equivalent minutes of being in prison. His soul will never lie to a man who was covered with civility, courtesy, purposely behaved decently to keep track of every step and every word of others. My father had always longed for those people who were gay character and sparkling floor. When these people came, he rejoiced in them as a son or brother. Back in my childhood years I remember that others timidly joked with his father. Though he sat cheerfully exchanging jokes, but at some point could become angry. Knowing this, all aulchane including respectful baybishe, talked and joked with his father, keeping in mind apprehension that resembled a game of horse with a stallion.
Father slept a little. Typically, he went after aulchan and got ahead of them. He sat down beside the bed on a soft bed of quilts and pillows. Sat bareheaded, only in a shirt, leaning on a pillow or pressed her to his side. He drank only crumble tea. I never saw him drinking tea without sugar. But sugar has always been. Ate a little. At morning tea were baked cakes for him, adding eggs. Sometimes were fried pies. With only one baursaks he did not have breakfast. He drunk tea from a glass. He never liked hot tea. He waited until it get cool, and then drink immediately.
In the game, which carries away the Kazakhs – checkers, cards, his father was one of the first. As far as I know, he especially loved and played with passion in toguz kumalak. There came various old men, masters and lovers of the game from birth Tobykty and stayed for months, until enough of. Some of them, who were poorer, father gave a sheep for meat for the winter, gave calf or even a horse. Basically, the players came in the winter. Among them were such as Korpebay, Kuttykozha, Kudaibergenov Kuat’s son, Ismagulov son of Makisha.
After morning tea, the game began. The father sat in his shirt, clutching a white pillow. On his head he wore skullcap. He was all in the game. Venerable aul people coming to us during the day, also included in the game. And those that have been rendered redundant in the number of players in togyz kumalak and children, undertaken a game of cards or were cut into pieces. I have never met the man who defeated his father would be in togyz kumalak.
Due to the fact that the Kazakhs had a way to dispose of the time, developed a habit in the desert: a man who arrived with some business. He or stay the night, or dinner, and just before his departure sets out the purpose of arrival.
My father was against this habit. He put up with it only when he came from a distance of some respected person. But others, he immediately asked about the purpose of their arrival, he immediately decided their case and calmly took to reading books or games. In this case, said to come: “Now you can stay.” If such a stranger, holding the usual habit, he was silent, not answering questions, like a mouthful of water, then listened to his father, reluctantly, to report:
-“Why are you silent when I asked?
Happened that the father had not listened to those undecideds in general. He was pleased with those who spoke about the purpose of the visit immediately. People of our sort of knew about it and immediately talked about everything at the first question.
The father paid little time housekeeping. And he had no time to deal with them, because day and night people came to him for advice and help. But he cared about the form of agriculture, of its basic essence, choosing a place to park at dzhaylyau, found a good shepherd and hired them, do not stint on payment.
My father knew unless good thoroughbred horses. The rest of the animals did not differ from another’s. On the camel and sheep herdsmen knew a home and shepherds. Cows he had. Cows cannot get food out from under the snow and in summer stain the whole neighborhood around the yurt . For these reasons, while all the bais of our family did not keep cows.
During trips to the city he had never bought household items and does not sell cattle. All this is entrusted to one of their comrades. The money did not keep to yourself and do not usually know how much spent and how much is left. Money is always in your pocket groom. If the groom reported that the money ran out, the pope did not require a report, and gave him a new amount. In the city it is usually not allowed to take meat from merchants: usually stabbed at home and had a lot of meat.
Reseller Mataybay son Mambetov talked about this case. Once he wanting to brag, “said his father:
– I am from yesterday hides your horse has earned 3 ruble profits.
At this my father replied:
– I am not a trader. I was robbed shameless impudent.
Maytabay further said:
– I wanted something else to say, but I was stopped Aytkazy Zheksenay son, who was present at the conversation, whispering: “Tech”. I blushed and said nothing.
Evenings, someone is constantly telling stories, often told by another person, his father listened, as if heard for the first time. Only by listening to the end, he introduced the amendment. We can say that there were no such tales, which he did not know. He said that the tales can be judged on the past of the Kazakh people: where Kazakhs lived, who was their neighbor and rival, as the ancestors did, their aspirations, their level of knowledge. We must assume that a young man’s father read a lot of Persian tales, books such as “Zhamshit” Kaharman. I was a witness of the fact that my father first read the book “A Thousand and One Nights” and was first introduced to her villages. Thanks to his father, became popular in the steppes of Russian books. Aulchane acquainted with such works as “Gustav Amir, Kazakhs carried away by Russian novels.
Generally, the father was more inclined to assess a sense of life, rather than the mind. He avoided the cold reason of the court and tried to be influenced by mood. However, a keen sense of who generously gave of his God, without error to determine what we breathe, what we think about, and how happy.
Father was so dominated by feelings, moods, which greatly rejoiced when the child went to his call.
– Recognizes. This is his blood drawn to his native blood.
The fact that I can add only five verses, I owe to my father.
At home father dressed uniformly: shirt, pants, skullcap on his head. From morning till evening he was reading, and especially the Russian books. Sometimes he took in hand the pencil, muttered, and wrote a new poem.
1889, I was 14 years old, was the most productive in the work of his father. I remember his appearance at the time of writing. His eyes moistened. Nostrils like a suffocating while running horse. Barely, barely audible, mutters something and writes. Wrote without stopping and corrections.
Someone Aldantar constantly engaged in stealing. My father decided to fix it and moved into his village and took the education of his daughter Menke. She made tea to his father. The girl’s father instructed as follows:
– When I’ll something tell the guests and will ask you a question: “Is not that right, Menke? You must answer “Yes”.
And in the evenings father quoted the most developed people excerpts from scholarly books, and from time to time refers to the girl: “Is not it like that, Menke? Menke replied: “Yes? It is”. Guests in this case come in bewilderment and wonder:
– Yapyray, Look, this girl understands.
Sometimes the father finished his tale with the words:
– If someone will solve my meaning, that will give the blue Borik. It was a joke and play.
In 1889, I spent half moon was close to his father, memorized all of his new poems, and patiently listened to his speech. His father always rejoiced in introducing me to all those who travel came to our house:
– This will be a man. He learned all of my words. He tirelessly listening to my instructions.
I took his father’s words as the words of the prophet. I believe that hearing the words of his father, become a man and was among his pupils.
In the character of his father at an early age were a number of anger and love. Knowing this, the wives and children, and people are sort of representative, and simple aulchane tried to gain his love, kindness, and beware of his temper. It is known that a wife – is constantly warring rivals. What husband would not want his wife to live in peace? But this desire is not always enforced. But my mother did not show jealousy and animosity against the opponent. Perhaps the reason there was strength of character of his father. I would argue that his children never had a sense of humiliation, as usually happens in children younger wife.
Over the years, my father became less excitable and more good-natured. By the good nature he came through the test – have experienced violent temper and harsh nature of the Hajj, his father. And he said:
– Fear and love, water and fire, will never get along. Person perceives the teachings of the man she loves. A guidance through the fear of not reaching goals.
Father spoiled us and almost did not pull up when we ran with him and organized various games. But when he saw that we are hiding from him, and organize games in society of decent people, very angry, and scolded and shamed us.
Most often on the formation of human character affect three groups of people: parents, teachers and peers. He takes a good or bad for the one who loves. My father watched over us from the bad influences and watched us as Kazakhs watching her daughter.
He generously applies to our antics. Once we arrived in Semipalatinsk. Our uncle Kakitay doing a little trade. He took credit in the State Bank, invited us to the hotel and arranged a party. It is known that we in the hotel were not in order to broaden their horizons, and the drinking party. I turned to my father:
– Can I go?
He allowed. Previously, we secretly drinking vodka and beer. Obtaining the permission of his father, in a circle of gay people under the general hubbub of noise and we are pretty drunk. When night came back to the apartment, the father has not slept. We have a bed for bed. I went outside, trying to hide their condition. I’m sick of beer. I decided to hide in a dark corner of the yard … The father was ahead of me. In the twilight of night I have not noticed it. He caught me at the time and vomiting. came and said:
– Beer – a bad drink, acts on the heart. Try to clean thoroughly.
There was another such case. Together with his father invited us to visit one of our in ¬ yatel Bekbai son Weiss. He bought a lot of good wines. I began to refuse, pretending to be non-drinker. Togda father said:
– Drink up, but with the mind.
In the evening drinking and he and I. The translator of the State Bank Aniyar Moldabayev, county translator Omirbek son Ospan, and I, three of them, drank two bottles of wine. Aniyar fell to the ground. The father drank a bottle of one and sat as if nothing had happened.
My father had a passion for good horses, to snap hunting birds. – During the 2-3 years, he strongly likes hunting. Selected the best shooters, hunters, and hunting birds and arranged the match. Each of their children taught, hunting with eagles. But this enthusiasm did not last long. And my father constantly changed their birds. He liked the interchange. Оur house was visited by about 250 golden eagles. I remember he always said he had not seen a golden eagle as «Tulaka scanty». Aulchanam liked the character of the father so communicative. And even between genera like his father occurred interchange and communication.
We were chingisskie tobyktintsy. Other tobyktintsy somewhat different from us. However, they felt shame when they could not meet someone’s request. Once on dzhaylyau father saw someone’s dark gray with a bald horse. Exchange it for five mares with foals. Soon the horse lose one’s attraction to him and he is five camels traded it. That’s how my father is not easily acquired someone else’s horse, and then quickly disappointed, and gave it to one of the poor.
As a teenager, my father never tired of riding, if set off at a distance of more than ¬ 30 – 40 miles, harnessed the cart. In his early years traveling around the flocks, feeding the flock. And since then, as I remember, he did not care for the beasts, and did not go to their lands, but the flocks, as they have done day and night Kazakh bais. In general, the father is much earlier than the others stopped riding. Do not know how to explain it: either because it is a lot of sitting home and writing, or because the bank their health, or earlier than the others felt old.
Since my father married Erkezhan and settled there, in the main house, a family friend was visiting rarely. Basically, he lived in the main house, situated in the center among the villages and had the great fortune. Winter village of Abay baybishe was about 45, and ours – at a distance of 70 kilometers. In the 97th year in early May, I arrived at the main village. The father was in the yurts, uranhae. Usually in the spring before the hot days and cold weather in the autumn with a large white tent put for guests and for cooking. He lived in a small chetyrehkryloy yurt, which was called “uranhay. Brought back a lot of dung to make fire. Father lay soft blankets near the bed. He sat there, throwing over fur coat from the skin of a foal. Before him in the cauldron cooked meat. On the left side of the tent stood in a number of small black skins. Between Kazan and the input of a samovar was boiling. On charcoal dung puffed boiling kettle.
I went into the tent and gave her father Salem. Before I had time to greet him as he said:
– Let us drive out to Dzhaylyau.
I said:
– Ara, our camels for the migrations are not enough.
– I will find you the camels. Let’s drive out.
In the tent sat Orazaly teenager. ” His father sent him to the village of his friend Esirera asking for three camels. At the same time assured that the camels for the return will not be lame and do not lose weight. Vsirker from the village was very young and the very low income ua four sons Irgizbaya Zhortara. Esirker himself – the son of an employee Zhortara on behalf of the Arhat. Profit for a number of cattle, he accumulates Zhortara sons, who were feeding him. Within 2 – 3 years Esirker was under the patronage of his father. He replied Orazaly refusal, stating that he had no camels. Then the father, after a pause, thinking he raised his head and smiling said:
– Oh, God, thank you for your kindness. I turns out to be – a good Muslim. If this Esirker lived near Takezhanom and if, like me, Takezhan asked his camel, he would not dare to refuse. He believed my gentle nature and decided that the Abai on its refusal to do nothing, do not answer evil.
The father had never supported the instigators thieves. One day someone came into the tent and said:
– Arrived Karindzhan-Haji from tribal Naiman.
Father clothed ichigi, trousers, tunic, asked that a bed quilt (quilted). When a guest came, the father said to him:
– E! Haji has come here?
Yes, that’s stolen from us 7.8 horses, looking for the kidnappers.
Hadji-ah, was it worthwhile for them to travel alone? ” Entrusted to someone younger? And he said angrily: – If someone stole from tobyktinskih thieves, then I would have found and recovered.
Karidzhan-Hajji was embarrassed and said in anger could not resist and went in pursuit of itself. One day he came to his father’s older brother Tanirberdy. With him was a thief Ismagulov. The father asked:
– Why did you come?
– In a controversial Ismagulov dnlo. Ospan sent it to you for a solution. That led him.
The father said to his brother:
– You really have messenger and protector?
Thus, the father expressed his displeasure. On his father’s words Tanirberdy strongly offended. And later had to make peace between them in the village Ospan. At this meeting I went too.
In general, the thieves said: “The Abai, we cannot go with a lie. Before him we can save only true words.”
During trips to the city, as far as I know, my father stayed in three houses. This house shal-Kabyla Kazakh, Tatar and Kazakh Suleimen Mouth. All three wives were quick and delicious cooking. Not for the world, my father did not stop at the bais.
Beloved son of father Magash sick all winter. Despite the snow, jute, without waiting for spring, the father of Erkozhan came to the village to Magash.
Biy Uskenbay from his first wife Tansholpan had a son Tleuberdi nicknamed Shubarev. My father was friends with Shubarev. In Shubarev condition was small. When he died he left three children. The average of these Kanagat, was my same age and in a convenient case was not against something to steal. The people he did not use the authority. Kanagat left his wife, which married his father, and stole someone’s daughter. His elder brother, angry at him, all his cattle, he gave his father was kidnapped girl. Left without cattle, Kanagat was need. Begged for someone to lean horse and rode into town and bought some flour, somehow brought back to our village. Izmayalsya like a dog. He came to our village to visit Magavyu. After constant complaints subsided. By Magash came shyly and said hello.
Kanagat also went into the tent of his father. Father asked him:
– Where are you come?
Kanagat told him about my difficult situation, that carries the flour that is tired of his horse. Tgda father said:
– Oh, poor thing. Tired horse, you say? In this case, take my crow and drove his meal.
So my father gave Kanagat horse, which contained the entire winter on oats and beach. Hearing this, Magash said to me:
– Oh, who only causes no sympathy from his father, “Who is he Kanagat? Same age or a friend? It should help such as you and I, Kakitay. I could not give Kanagat his favorite horse. I’m here does not compare with her father.
Both expressed their admiration of generosity Magash father. But such cases in my father’s life was set.
In the days of my youth, we visited the son of a famous hero Kalkaza Tastemir. With him were his two comrades. They spent the whole winter and summer only three donated horses left. This man hid that he was the son Tastemir. One day he accidentally started a quarrel with one jigit from our village. In the heat of anger, throwing for jigit, he cried:
– If you do not kill you, then I will not let her son Tastemir! So he blurted out and revealed his secret.
Every year one or two fugitives from the Caucasus wintered in our village. Sometimes, after living a month or two, left. And every time he gave the horse. Most often, my father sent them to those who rode Kuyandu. And our aulchane then send them to those traders who came to Kuyandinskuyu fair on the opposite side of the Kokchetav. These newcomers, we had about fifteen people. The custom of giving a horse the fugitive was a Muslim Haji Kunanbai.
I said above, that awkward to write about my father, about his character’s son. In this case I had in mind that the son often inclined to remember the good deeds and bad to forget. However much I tried to be fair, nothing bad, but one drawback, I can not say about his father. In his youth he was an energetic, loved care for themselves, but early succumbed to laziness and slowness of old age. Other shortcomings, I have not found it. This is not pitomu that I want to praise the father, and just more of it is nothing wrong DO NOT know
Now I want to remember the characteristics that gave my father Dolgopolov, in due time elected deputy of the first or second part of the State Duma from the city of Odessa. During the delivery of voice-examination he was accused of political crimes and pre ¬ sent to Semipalatinsk. It met my father. And in 1885 the whole summer he stayed in our village. Once, during a conversation his father asked to describe his children. Then Dolgopolov said:
– Do your children the right attitude to man. Capable, good guys. N / O in such a way of life, with your condition, they will not grow good. Science in the hands of just not given. For the sake of it should work, in a note person. And your children will not be much bother, because they already own – the khans themselves – Biya. If they leave at such a distance from where the roof will not see your house, that’s when they become good people. (In the poem “Summer” just describes the village, where guests
After this, our father said:
-And now characterize me.
Dolgopolov, gave this description:
– You – a man with the golden head. But you have a habit of indecent … – In the morning you get up, you’re someone brings clothes, put on your robe, someone opens up the door ¬ em and displays on the street, then lead. Bring your pelvis and kumgane you pour water on your hands. During the meal someone pours tea, someone cut the meat into slices. If you want to sleep, then you make the bed, stripped and placed. At the same time with one hand put shakshu, on the other – a handkerchief. And then you cover the quilt. And for myself what are you doing? “Unless you sleep in different manners.
This little feature I brought along the rim to say about some of the habits of his father. True, it is – superficial characteristics. The most difficult and time-consuming in my father’s life – it is his desire for knowledge, reading books, the creation of poems, and reflections. This side of my father’s life Dolgopolov not covered.
The first wife of Haji Kunanbai was several years older than her husband. Caring for the Hajj in the elderly need a wife younger and Kunanbay Ulzhan married and moved to live in her tent. Ulzhan – this is our grandmother. More at Haji had a wife named AYGYZ mother Haliolly and Smagulov. These two wives had lived peacefully. At Kuhnke was the only son Kudaibergenov, who was offended at the hajj for the fact that he left them. Kudaibergenov lived in their own way, never listen to his father. Mother’s elder brother Tanirberdy father was brought up by his second wife beating Uskenbaya. Among children Kunanbai most capable, perhaps, was my father, with the age of 13 he began to participate actively in the affairs of family, actively opposed the enemies of Haji. Sometimes won, sometimes failed. But at age 27 won a major victory.

In the village Orazbaya son Akkulov elections were held for parish steward. Aul was near the area Biguli. The father went there alone, without relatives, and has made the election his younger brother Iskakov parish steward. With Orazbayev father has long been on friendly terms. A Haji thought. Orazbai and his ilk can not be true friends, they all – cunning. But my father did not listen to anyone. Somehow because of this, Haji strongly scolded him. But be that as it may, his father three times in order to seek election Iskakov-parish.
One day before the third election Iskakov father came to his village. Iskakov has not got out of bed. Elders, not waiting for him at noon began to diverge. Then my father called and said Iskakov:
– Look, there goes Zhirenshe. You know what he thinks?
– No, – replied Iskakov.
– He thinks that in future elections would not be voting for you. Ten years, during which Iskakov was parish, left the people unkind memory. Son of Haji believed that in order to manage the municipality, not necessarily to know the opinion of the people, but enough to please the Abai.
And Iskakov, and his wife managed the strange beasts, as his own. When Iskakov went to the congress, his wife was there, with him. At the site of the Congress put to them tent, stabbed cattle, staged entertainment games. If Iskakov angry, then no matter the age nor the authority of the man pounced on him with fury. His character amazed both children and women, comparing with an evil spirit from a fairy tale.
Youngest brother, father’s name was Ospan. He was a man of broad nature, some simpleton. If someone he liked, then, for him, his generosity overflowed by sea. And if anyone harbored resentment, then it could pull the legs out and throw it away. Nevertheless, Ospan after Abay was the smartest of the brothers. On the surface it may seem rustic, but to himself, to account for all of his deeds and always had to come some sort of purpose. About a young man who has not yet found his calling, different people think differently and are often mistaken.
Above was told that his father was in a quarrel with his elder brother Kudaibergenov. But for 2-3 years before his death Kudaibergenov reconciled with his father. During those two or three years they have completely forgotten about the quarrel, and truly, in a brotherly attitude towards each other. Father used to say:
– Woe to have a strong impact on young hearts. Nothing is more acted upon me like a death Bakema (Kudaibergenov he called Bakem). Here he compared his brother’s death is not death Magavi, and the death of Ospan and Gabdrahima. After the third election Iskakov parish had been nominated Haji Shakarim son Kudaibergenov. who just turned 20 years old. When Haji Shakarim became parish, he began to secretly gather their supporters and bonding Union oath. But it did not help him. At the next election would elect a parish Ospan. But against him and leaders of labor, and Haji Shakarim. All friends and relatives ¬ ki, who believed himself a senior Haji, this time it was and elected parish County. Iskakov went to his father and said:
– Browse over to the side of the County. They are deceiving you. Then the father called his friend Erbol and asked how right Iskakov. He replied:
– No, Abay. Iskakov not just talking about.
Father believed Erbol and did not pry further. In addition, he was a little sick.
After these elections, held in 1984, his father was disappointed to friends, people around him and so offered his thoughts:
“That’s old age. Sorrowful
– City Council, sleep a bit. ”
“That’s old age. Happen
dreams are not given! ”
“Although any production
Golden eagle takes ”
“Oh, my Kazakhs. My poor
people! ”
Bai lives and protect
their livestock,
“Worn out, I cheated all
“Whoever lost, see
front room is empty,
“Dishonest greedy beast …”
When my father wrote a poem recently, and read his cock – to the driver and fellow Kusainov, son Kakimbaya nicknamed Karasakau, then he exclaimed:
– Missing Kozhekbay!
Karasakau came from Kokshe kind, an offshoot of the Baltics. A Kozhekbay-out kind Mamai offshoot Elamana. Father Kozhekbaya Zhamantay was a test older Haji Kunanbai, as our grandmother Ulzhan was his stepdaughter.
During land litigation Zhamantay was murdered relatives. Haji Kunanbay has ensured that the killer is fully paid for life Zhamantaya, and his young children Kozhekbay, Tezekbaev, Makysh were in the care of the Kunama and no one dared to offend them. They enjoy all the rights that were granted to each of the four sons Ulzhan. When did the confusion among friends and fellow elder Haji, they peremetnulis toward our enemies and have to take counsel with the County, who was then the parish.
Once at a gathering Kozhekbay constantly touched akin Baykokshe. Then Baykokshe said:
Your words, Kozhek as
blue water.
And the blue fur cap –
thine inheritance.
You do not become respectable
You are approaching Satan
for the neighborhood.
The beginning of the poem “Sang he had lived in a strange sort of” devoted Baykokshe Kozhekbayu. It says that it can be a good relationship, being far away. When a friend is in trouble, forget about all the good and can make vile.
My father often wrote poems in which criticism of their relatives and bad about them spoke. It seems because people kind Irgizbaya differed bad character traits.
Once blabbed irgizbaevets Bakash. His words were so nepristoy ¬ GOVERNMENTAL that almost in a dream to dream. Then people said to him:
– Bakashay, these are your words – is nonsense.
And he answered:
– – … Because I irgizoaevets.
Between Bakashe m Irgizbaem, of course, was a big difference. People jokingly say: “Good irgizbaeien born too good and the bad are born bucks, from which no profit.
The poem “Finally, I became a parish” was written by his father when the river Bakanas to 1888 at the extraordinary congress of the parish Mukurskoy Parish was elected to his age Kulembay. Kulembay came from a scanty kind, but because of his condition, became a parish. Also Kulembayu dedicated the poem “Uagalaykumassalem, the parish.”
The poem “Oh, help me to Thy feet,” I have looked cognition, the young man void “written at the time when Gablylrahim studied in the Tyumen real school. A Magavya sister Kulbadan-in Semipalatinsk, the parish school. Must complete ¬ agat, then what is written and the poem “Our children are set in a boarding school.” Somewhere between 84-87 years, wrote the poem “To my excited-nym words …». The poem “Summer” appeared during the summer camping grounds in the lower reaches of the river Bakanas when the village stopped in the area Kopbeit located nepodale ¬ ku on land the tribe Kerei.
The poem “November – the eve of winter, it’s time, aul, it’s time” the father wrote in the village of his older brother Tanirberdy. Grandson Tanirberdy Dinislama not allowed out of the house, forced to eat at the table. A little boy wanted to share with your kids at dinner and he tore into the street. My father was a witness to such a picture and wrote poetry. In the 84th year the winter was harsh and imposed a heavy burden on the people. That is, if my father wrote a poem called “Winter”.
Poems “Masgud” were written in 1887. In 1881-82 years the father engaged in hunting. Then he wrote “The rider gallops with eagles in the early snows. In those years, were written: “Ruler of the bosses happy,” “If someone has over another,” Let there be the word sage “,” Zvereet buy “,” Do not breathe, full of my chest, “” Look at the young ” “I know the truth of succeeding,” “Hungry bellies than you want to Kick,” “Shame, but only for the blind,” “If the dead loved ones – a man of sorrows,” “Not for fun, I make poems”, “My dear long-life carrier , only thirty poems.
All translations of “Eugene Onegin” weave between 89 th and 92 th years. In 1986 Kuntu Shung son was removed from the parish office and in his place was appointed Shakarim. Kuntu has made the transition to the kind Olzhay Mukurskuyu parish, and Orazbaya – in Kugulinskuyu, kind Kushik. In the 87th year the parish Chingisskoy parish was smallpox. Father offended that happened division parish. In the 89th year, he reconciled separated villages and again brought them into Chingisskuyu parish. In that year Ospan again was elected parish. Something like my father committed suicide intergeneric strife, instructed all cases Ospanov and decided to fully engage in science. And to continue in his company were always talking about science, about knowledge. And we, as shakirdy madrassas around him argued about dogma and truth.
Within three years, father to many of the poems composed the music.
Especially in the winter he worked 89-90-91 years. In the 91st year, began raznog ¬ lasiya between Ospanov and Orazbayev that disturbed his father. He initially wanted to make peace between them and put a lot of effort for this. But nothing came of it. The father started to support the smallpox.
In those days, when my father taught us, often repeated: “Man, are those who hunger cattle – not the person. Greed – the supreme vice. ” These thoughts can be found in various poems, for example: “Ruler of the bosses happy,” “covetous alone harbors the soul – the cattle, etc. He said that the man who ruled the nation, not praise, but more often scold. This idea can be found in the poem “It is easy to change people …”
Above I said that my father in his youth far behind the board eagerly auls, but gradually lost interest and abandoned the government. The poem “Do not be, dead ¬ vy, I become a clay” is written in the 89th year when I was 14 years old. I remember during my father’s life after this poem. He struggled with words, and deeds in a circle of friends and foes of humane and just life.
When Kuntu majority was elected parish, the wife of the county Tikhonova, on a humorous recollection of his father, exclaimed, “Kotek”. Then the county decided to appoint new elections. But my father was against it. He said:
– No. Approve it as it is.
And our enemies are not satisfied with the victory at the elections. They began to act against his father and our relatives. Persuaded the elders who have taken at their discretion, they made it to my father and the 86th year of his wish to be exiled. At this time, arrived in Semipalatinsk, the Governor-General. And with him was Losovsky, which previously was located here at the county office. General, after reading a sentence about the exile of my father, I almost put the resolution. Here Losovsky intervened, he helped his father to meet with Governor-General. Nobody knows what his father says. But the general said to him:
– You – man, exalted above his time.
And instructed the county to remove from office Kuntu parish and appoint in his place Shakarim. Our enemies did not know that there was such a change. They immediately arrested on arrival and Tanirberdy wintering herds of horses, claiming that Abay exiled. And soon Kuntu was withdrawn, the case proceeded to Shakarim. Scott was returned. Our enemies have paid for their crimes. The list of denunciation were people from neighboring genera. They are in no way were to blame, but they have brought, as sympathizers. And in the newspaper Dala ualayaty “published an article which criticized his father for what he did not arrange memorial services for the Hajj Kunanbay.
The father wrote a poem:
Unhappy, tormented by the whole
Age your destiny.
How to stop loving this
life, that evil and rude?
Thou shalt not die from injuries, ‘
but learns shame.
Becoming a target boaster,
– Cannot hide his face.
After numerous attacks against his father wrote as follows:
Dogs in most wolf
not catch up.
God will help overpower
enemy: army.
Although many times we do
planted on a chain,
Accustomed to the dogs
shamelessly growl.
The 90-OM has arrived in Semipalatinsk, the Governor-General Baron Taube and began to give many parish rulers and biys sword and tunic. His father, he gave the gun-dvuhstvolku. But the reader angry, seeing how happy township governors and wrote a poem called “Ruler of the bosses happy.”
In the same year his father invited to the village fiddler flour so that it taught children to play musical instruments. Then we was akin Aset. He was jealous ¬ vym, violent and wayward man. The poem “If someone has over another is dedicated to him. Then write a poem “Let there be words of the wise.”
The poem “Do not breathe, my chest fills” accidentally attached a separate poem, “Heart on fire.” I think that this is an unfinished water re ¬ Pushkin’s poem “In the evening”. With contempt for the parish written STI ¬ hotvorenie “Zvereet buy.” It has the words: “with the boss ugodliv, quiet, but seeing the rewards, happy to cling like a rabid dog in the”. There is a view of the dog’s habit. When the kick a dog being kicked out of the house, she angrily ready to mate any dog counter. Also, the ruler of the parish, receiving sentences ranging from yezdnogo, vent harm to ordinary people.
At Haji Shakarim was a poem written in his youth, where he blame foreign old age and youth praise where it is said that more than 60 years to live. That’s in response to these poems father wrote “not for fun, I make poems.
In 1891, when the feud between Ospanov and Orazbayev, Tanirberdy siding Orazbaya. This was a reason. Tanirberdy was a man, no strong physique. He soon grew old and fell under the influence of his son Azimbaya. Azimbai was able jigit, but had no education. Then began to seek honor by seizing power. To this end, he decided to abandon the brothers and to intermarry with their enemies. Under the pretext that would lead to other native betrothed to Orazbayev. A orazbaevtsy, in turn, wanted to divide our party.
In the 92nd year, small pox, on whose shoulders were worries about friends and foes, has died. With his death the burden of hatred fell on the shoulders of his father. And in the most painful moments, he wrote poetry.
More often engaged in creative work in the winter. The poem “braggart, insolent, lazy, pleaser” written by him in the 92nd, the year of death of smallpox, when we moved for the winter. Continuation of this poem is the poem “Do Ospan expensive.
After the death of smallpox, which did not have children, three of its widows was divided between his three brothers: Iskakov, Tanirberdy and my father, who married Erkezhan and moved to her in the main house. It was the 94th year. In 93 rd year, elections were held, at which Orazbai and Kuntu were elected volost Bugulinskoy Mukurskoy and townships. Elders and elders elected parish Chingisskoy parish father. They said to him:
– For the remaining whether the host you.
At age 20 his father was elected as a candidate for the township. A parish was his elder brother Kudaibergenov. When Kudaibergenov died, his enemies told him that. his father still young age. Fasting, despite the popularity and credibility, he has never elected. Only twice to appoint his father was parish Konyrkokshinskoy parish / Mukurskoy. In that year, when he married Erkezhan; went to conduct township congress. There’s a chatty his peers but Kyzdar name, wanting to make a joke, said:
– Today, after moving into the main house, you’re recovered. Properly look like.
The joke was inappropriate. Did my father ever was in need of food and clothing? Angry at such a joke, my father wrote a poem. The next day Kyzdar begged these verses from his father and burned.
Once in a rage at Kyzdara father wrote a poem: “differentiated factors of my own people.” After the Congress in 1894 disgruntled customs biy, he wrote a poem called “How to gather at the council.”
In 92-93 years, after the death of smallpox, when all the adversity struck on the head of his father, when friends and relatives were hesitant in the state of mental disorder, he wrote the following verses: “What do you mean, my soul?”, “Oh, my heart , freeze, zastyn !..», “I believe, I believe,” “Lonely, do not look …»,” Fortunately, instantly killed, “” Here and autumn has come upon me, “I’m disappointed in our youth.”
What he said or wrote his father about their relatives, friends and relatives, the people, the Kazakhs liked to touch them and care. In general, the Kazakhs have an ulcer. And she’s very tenacious. It has infected even educated Kazakhs. I have been in different circles. But everywhere, once a dispute arises, are divided into genera are grouped together. This disease has long lived in the steppe. Indigenous incorrigible reasons for hostility usually not. It would seem, and there is no need to share. Kindred yours may be a long time, brother and friend, and if there cpop you and those on relationship will be closer to you, then it will be on his side. This is the long-standing tradition.
Above I gave an answer as to when and how, for whatever reason were recorded poems included in the collection of his father. On the translation has already been said before.
In the 94th year in the village came to the county Fedorov. He learned that his father takes the poetry of Lermontov, advised him to transfer Krylov’s fables. And he said that the Kazakhs will easily understand them. After that, his father, began to translate. Krylov.
Once upon a time came to us on business Tartar Iskakov Mahmudov. He married a Kazakh, Kazakh customs and adopted the donkey in the desert. Iskakov amassed a solid state and reputed baem. He has affinity with Haji Kunanbay. They have become good matchmakers and faithful friends. Once grandchildren Iskakov Sadiq and Zhibulla came to the house of his father. They were cheerful and smarten up as suitors. Then the father devoted to them the poem “A fun light water.” And for those who drank mare’s milk – “Koumiss Kazakhs – the food …». The poem “And again, my inspiration,” – probably the translation of Lermontov. It is in my opinion is written to “Iskander”.
In the 98-year 0M written a poem “on the outside, like a shuttle, Tuna …». Previously on the old list indicated that it is written in the 88th year. This is a mistake made by a man named Murseit.
In my youth I too thought that I would become a poet. I brought a poem to his father and asked to refine the art. But the poems did not happen. He then wrote a poem called “a beautiful song by strings ringing ..”.
Seeing as we fussed with the intention of writing poetry, his father wrote a poem called “Not for the fun of running around …». Resonate with the edification of the content of poems, “Easy” Allah “say”, “mortal nature, people do not die,” God is, and his words are true. ” In the poem “Oh, Emotional Reaction Fire”, “Hour smile moment il a” father sends its internal state and moments of inspiration.
When friends who believed until the end of his father, had deceived him, he wrote the poem “Time will hide the sun for the crane land.” On his old says in his poem “Damn the world robbing us. How to get along with him? “,” Do you remember whether youth dpyg. His brief biography gives in his poem “Do not be dead, I am clay become …». Here he talks about. both grew up, what he studied, among some circles been, what he did in adulthood. In “Iskander” shows his character from the negative side. Prior to his father in the desert is usually touted Iskandar.
Base my assertion on the fact that his father gradually overcame his temper, and was the following.
The Kazakhs have a bad tradition of struggle for power. In 1898 the father went to the polls in Mukur. Bai Orazbai amassed a large fortune and had an impact on race Tobykty. He was at loggerheads with Ospanov. And after the death of rigging a quarrel would suffer so entirely at my father. On a quarrel with his father Orazbayev known not only to all. about it on the big conventions learned the whole county. And the Kazakhs the county divided into two parts. Adherents and supporters of the father of Mukurskoy parish begged him to go to the Congress. They said:
– You can not go. Orazbai nominate him to the right person and then we would not
be plaguing.
The Kazakhs truth and lie side by side at a distance less than the distance between the brows and eyes. And then they saw the father, began to move to his side.
Orazbai and his associates decided that if you do not strike at the very Abacus “, then the Kazakhs of habit will always go to his side. Were identified a few people who should catch his father suddenly during a conversation with the county and to beat him.
The father has no clue about such malice. When approached by malicious people and started a scandal, one of them fell to the father and he decided to suffer for the abaya. Blows were inflicted on him. On my father is no bruising was not. This defender was a younger brother named Sape Anias: Although his father and was not injured, but his enemies have tried to spread the word about the beating. They felt satisfied.
This case whetted the friends and relatives of his father, his children, brothers, aulchan. All in one voice shouted angrily:
– We will not put up! Slay! Destroy! Then my father said:
– Every bad thing leads to bad consequences, not good. I am a young ¬ achievement confirmed that people hated me to the ground leveled. I was one of those people who have always been lucky in the fight against enemies. When I first sat on horseback, and took the bridle a horse race Zhigiteka neither able nor in the authority was not inferior to us. And sometimes, even thought they are worthy of us. Frankly, I have made reference not to one zhigitekovtsu. For their relatives were exiled to the road suffered disasters, and some died. Here are guilty themselves. They paid the price for theft and violence. But there is also my unforgiveness. Rhode Zhigiteka poor, impoverished. But how could he not exhausted he lay at his feet, he managed to bite my legs.
Know that it is – the bad consequences of bad deeds. You say that you do not want to accept that he would kill or die. This is wrong. I can not support you. Weigh all. And I for a truce. So the father restrained anger relatives.
In the winter of 98-99 years Orazbai going to go to Mecca. He wanted to make peace with my dear father and sent a man. My father agreed. He met with Orazbayev in Semipalatinsk in the house of Haji and Jacques nor any compensation, no miscellaneous expenses made peace with him. Then, when my father came to the village, to his son arrived Orazbaya Medeu with the elders and all the Kazakh custom, completed reconciliation. None of the genus Tobykty not say that Abay made a mistake.
In the 98th year, came the regional surveyor who set the boundaries between parishes and divided the land in the ditch. Births Zhigitek and Bokenshi previously part of Mukurekskuyu parish. In the 98th year they were driven by our ancestors on the neighboring land. They could not take revenge on us, though in their hearts hatred, like a raging lion. And so they were forced by new administrative division to enter into our Chingisskuyu parish. The father went as follows. He gathered all the elders, elders, and said:
– There is a proverb that forty years can not take any peaceful relations, not enmity. Now let’s forget our enmity. And do not you think that you have for hate.
Both sides agreed, and now forgotten about the old feuds. Kind words my father found a worthy response. After that, four years later my father Scone ¬ chalsya. People remembered his father, revered by the spirit of his ancestors, and a friendly attitude towards me.
And these enemies are the father, as Orazbai, showed no mercy to me. Others may say: “What to the poor orphans.” And they do not. But all their wiles saved my friends father. This is thanks to them, I never felt alone and could not bear grudges.

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The institute of Abai was opened in Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi on the 24th of March, 2009. The Academician of International High School Science Academy, Doctor of Philology Science and professor Zhangara Dadebaev was chosen as a director of the Institute of Abai.